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No More Dreaded Mondays


 No More Dreaded Mondays

by Dan Miller

This books asks if you like your work/career. Are you just doing this because you have to feed your family? Do you feel trapped when your work week starts? And promises to help you get the spark back into your work. Finding fulfilling work  that pays well seems hard for the average mortal. Remember the guy whose job is to watch an island for $100,000 /year? Yes, even I want that job! This book promises to help us. We all know the workplace has changed and we need to change with it.  One of the best things about this book is that it is for employees, independent contractors, contingency workers, consultants, entrepreneurs or business owners.

Miller created the term Eaglepreneur. I love people who make up their own terms and things. It allows you to own the word and the market that comes with it. The chapter on getting  your mind straight about money is a must read, even for those working for non-profit. I think it's even MORE important for those working with non-profits.Whatever you are doing, you have to figure out how to get more coming in than is going out. He has some straight talk about  having enough money to just get by.

This is a wonderful fact found in the book. In order to hire someone that person has to generate 3-5 times their salary! If you are working, you need to understand that. When you own your own business, you need to understand that. It's easy to calculate if you are valuable to the company. And all you have to do is give service that is 10 percent better than your competition or provide added value. It's still a great bet that you can make a lot of  money as a business owner. Miller has listed a great set of resources in the back of the book. There are all kinds of organizations listed there, not just his sites.  The book is worth buying just to have that resource list! All in all this book is a California 8!


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