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No More Cases of the "Mondays": 5 Ways to Make Your Mondays Rock


Here are five ways to make your Mondays rock by making your Sundays worthwhile. Sunday is the best day to refocus, rethink and re-juice.
1) Clean up and get organized! – After 6 days of hard work and hard play it’s likely your living space is, well, dirty and disorganized. Waking up to pandemonium is not a good way to start the week. Therefore, make it a Sunday priority to yourself to clean and organize. Waking up to a spotless house or apartment will psychologically make you feel better. It’s a cathartic experience that will leave you pumped up for the week ahead.
2) Detox to de-stress - There are several ways to detox. The best Sunday detox however can be light and simple. For example, do not eat any processed foods and mostly (or all) veggies. Sip miso soup and make sure to skip on having any alcoholic beverages (alcohol raises anxiety and stress levels once the buzz diminishes). Instead, drink mostly water and one kabucha drink. Kabucha is a fermented tea that is a natural detoxifier that will give you a natural energy boost. You can buy miso powder and kabucha at any Whole Foods stores.
3) Cook – Brown bagging it doesn’t have to be boring. Make a feast that will leave you with enough yummy leftovers to cover your next couple of lunches for the week. Additionally, by making an effort to stretch your cooking ability by trying a new meal each Sunday you will become a better cook. Being a good cook is rare these days and will ultimately impress your peers (which is always a fun thing to do).
4) Get some fresh air – taking a brisk walk outside by yourself or with someone you care about will leave you energized both mentally and physically. A walk will give you time to reflect and refocus on your past week and the week ahead of you.
5) Go to bed early and read a good book – As much as you don’t want the weekend to end, spending your night dazed out in front of the TV until 12 pm will work against you come morning. Reading a good book primes you and relaxes you before your 9 am meeting with the big boss.


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