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No Money, No Gym...No Problem!

The Lifestyle Fitness Program
The Lifestyle Fitness Program
Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC "The Mojo Coach"

Think you can’t get a great workout without money for equipment or a gym membership? Think again! There are many exercises you can do which will shape, tone and sculpt your entire body without spending a penny.

Here are a few ways to get in your cardiovascular exercise:

• Got stairs? Run up and down the stairs-It’s the same workout you’d get on a Stairmaster.

• Go for a walk, jog or run outside. Strive for a target heart rate zone that’s challenging yet doable.
• Tune into your local fitness channel and find a fitness program you enjoy. If the time it’s airing isn’t      

   convenient for you, record the show and play at your convenience.

• Jump rope for an intense cardio blast. You can create your own “boot camp” cardio class by jumping rope

  to get your heart rate up, then doing upper and lower body resistance exercises to tone, sculpt and


Here are some ways to build muscle from head to toe:

• Push ups-Pushups are the perfect upper body workout. Vary your form from beginner to advanced

  depending on your level of fitness.

• Chair dips- Chair dips are a great way to tone your triceps-the muscle in the back of our arms we

  immediately notice isn’t toned when we raise our arms to wave at someone!

Here are some ideas to strengthen your abdominals for core strength:

• Bicycle- Strengthens all areas of the abs when done correctly.

• Crunches: Make sure your form is correct to get the most out of this exercise.

• Plank: A great alternative to ab exercises performed when lying on your back.

Here are some exercises for your lower body:

• Lunges- With many variations to choose from, make sure your knee doesn’t go past your toes (keep them

  over your heels for best results.

• Squats- A great all over lower body toner. Imagine a chair is placed far behind you. Then, pressing your

   weight through your heels, lower down to a 90 degree angle, stop, squeeze and slowly raise back to a

   standing position.

Becoming fit doesn’t have to mean costly gym memberships or even moderately priced home equipment. What is needed however are just a few ideas and the desire to look, feel and live your best.


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