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No matter your age, it is time to write your travel bucket list

No matter what your age, it is time to write your travel bucket list. Everyone needs to have dreams and aspirations, otherwise they just exist and do not truly live a full life.

Even if the places you would like to go, seem completely out of reach, one never knows. That one dollar lottery ticket could open a life that one can never imagine, or a dear friend could come into money and take you away on the vacation of a lifetime.

Travel does not have to be expensive, thanks to the Internet; it is easy to find cheap airline tickets, cruise deals and packages that are sure to please. Check online reviews for those that seem too good to be true. Make it a family topic of conversations around the dinner table. Not everyone has to go to those crowded and expensive family-fun destinations. There are plenty of attractions close to most areas of the United States. Check your localities, state websites and ask friends. It is surprising how many people live in the shadow of some of the most iconic tourist attractions, yet have never visited them.

Another way of visiting great places on a budget are senior citizen groups that offer bus trips to near and far places. This examiner has visited places like Mackinaw Island in Michigan, Chicago, Pigeon Forge in Tennessee, Branson in Missouri and in Massachusetts, Boston and Martha’s Vineyard. In addition to the breathtaking attractions at the destination, on the way to and from, visits to several attractions are also highlights of the trips. From going to the top of the St. Louis Gateway Arch to view the sights of St. Louis and the Mississippi River, to the awesome Smoky Mountains and delicious local food. In this coming September, the group is hosting a trip to Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands and Black Hills of South Dakota. In addition to the great accommodations along the trip, many of the dinners and all the breakfasts are included in the reasonable price. Another good thing about these bus trips, is they are often open to younger adults, but not for children, as often there are casino stops included in the packages.

Why not open a Pinterest account and add a page for pictures of your bucket list destinations and another for those crossed off your bucket list, where you can add your own photos and see your dreams become a reality.

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