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CA Committee to stop NSA spying
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President Obama is using the Espionage Act too much to succeed in selling doubt to an otherwise informed public about large corporations like Exxon/Mobil, allowing them to ostracize Americans from the very important knowledge that unless the government takes global warming seriously, civilization, as we know it, will be ending in 30 to 200 years from now.

This was the opening thought that Daniel Ellsberg presented before introducing Edward Snowden on July 19, when (HopeEx) chatted live with the whistle-blower dubbed dissident from his Russian location. He also adeptly stated that the founding fathers did not intend the United States to have an over-reaching bureaucracy that shut us out with broad outlines significantly impacting our lives. He says the government fears us and that's why they are collecting incredible amounts of information on Americans, and for this there is clear, irrefutable evidence.

One need only look at Maryland, Utah and Texas to see how the power grids are maxed out, hundreds of billions of gallons of water used for cooling meta-data collecting NSA servers, in massive facilities.

We protested the PG&E to stop mass installation of Smart Meters here on the Central Coast, only to be told that we were "luddites," but are those luddite calling critics discounting the dangers when over heated Smart Meters are setting homes on fire?

Are they aware that Smart Meters can and do access people's private information via their internet devices, like laptops, especially those using wireless services? Are they aware that the secret Special Operations Division (SOD) of the NSA uses a program called "Stingray" to intercept wireless information, and that local and state law enforcement have shared agreements to use the Stingray program locally to listen in on private conversations?

You, too, can help to stop the insane metadata collection of your private calls and emails from the government's "thought police", which significantly impacts those who we love and those who we talk to, so that a few guys behind closed doors cannot violate with impunity the 1st, 4th, 5th and more amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

There is a bill in the California legislature called the "4th Amendment Protection Act" (SB-828), which will go before the Assembly on August 6th, bringing it closer to Governor Brown's desk for signature. The law will prevent the NSA from making Californians hostages to paying higher taxes by paying for utilities like water and electricity for NSA data collection servers. California is their next target for such a program because Silicon Valley is a likely holding place for such a facility. They already have six state universities as "NSA Institutions of Excellence" because of partnerships funded by the NSA. The bill will hopefully put a stop to the surveillance state agenda in California universities. Call your state Congressman, Sam Farr, and local Assemblymen, Luis Alejo and Bill Monning to make your voice heard that you don't want the government turning the Central Coast or any place in California or in the United States for that matter into an Orwellian nightmare.

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