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No Man's Sky: Our own sun would die before seeing every planet, says Murray

Ready for No Man's Sky?
Ready for No Man's Sky?
Permission to use photo given by Hello Games

No Man's Sky is claiming to have an infinite universe where no player will visit the same planet as someone else. Hello Games is the development team behind this very, very ambitious game, and they have captured the attention of the entire gaming industry.

As mentioned in the title above, that was the sentiment No Man's Sky's creator Sean Murray shared when asked what would happen if someone visited a planet every second, would they get to the end?

"If you were to visit one virtual planet every second, then our own sun will have died before you’d have seen them all," Murray said. "We are attempting to do things that haven’t been done before."

"No game has made it possible to fly down to a planet, and for it to be planet-sized, and feature life, ecology, lakes, caves, waterfalls, and canyons, then seamlessly fly up through the stratosphere and take to space again. It’s a tremendous challenge."

We've seen the incredible color that No Man's Sky features and everything we've seen from the game thus far has been a joy to watch. Hello Games has remained pretty quiet on the game's combat, but we do know players will have ships that can shoot and guns as well. Guns are something Murray clearly wants to take a different approach with, versus just placing in your typical assault rifle and handgun.

The levels of ambiguity surrounding parts of No Man's Sky are evident, but it doesn't seem like a ploy to distract people. To a certain degree, though, the studio will eventually need to open-up the curtain on what this game is. We expect 2015 to be a better time for that. Murray added they can't share more with people because No Man's Sky will be an experiment as much as a game.

"Ultimately we don’t know whether people will work, congregate, or disperse. I know players don’t like to be told that we don’t know what will happen, but that’s what is exciting to us: the game is a vast experiment," Murray said.

We are expecting No Man's Sky to launch sometime next year for the PlayStation 4 and PC, but an exact release date has not been given. While no details have been shared about an Xbox One version of the game, it's more than likely to show up sometime after the PS4 and PC versions of the game.

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