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'No Man's Sky' dev back up and running after flood

It's been a few weeks since the Christmas Eve flood wreaked havoc on Hello Games' Guildford office, and the independent developer is finally back on its feet. While the flood destroyed just about everything that was present in the office at the time, the studio insists that they will not allow this major setback to delay the development of No Man's Sky, a game that wowed audiences with its recent reveal at the VGX (Video Game Awards). Sean Murray, the game's managing director, posted to their website yesterday regarding the team's ongoing recovery.

Hello Games insists 'No Man's Sky' will not be delayed
Hello Games

We lost all our PCs, laptops, equipment, furniture, dev-kits, work in the blink of an eye, and our insurer (and those of those around us) seem like we won't be covered, or at least responsibility is unclear. I don't want to say out loud the value of what we lost, it's horrible. It would probably fund a small game.

Murray went on to talk about how damaging the flood had been to their spirits. He mentioned the feeling of seeing years worth of concept art floating in muddy water, though he followed up it by referring to this event as “all part of the indie journey”. The update also stated that, while a Kickstarter would definitely be beneficial at this time, no such campaign is currently in the works for No Man's Sky.

As for right now, Hello Games is situated in a cramped little temporary location, though they expect to have either found a new office, or to have rebuilt their original workspace, within the next few months. We'll have more information regarding Hello Games and their innovative new project as developments continue.

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