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No Man's Sky co-creator on game costs: Content expenses are 'the real problem'

Excited for this game?
Excited for this game?
Permission to use photo given by Hello Games

It's quite rare to see a AAA game take a major chance on an unproven, unknown concept, and the primary reason surrounding that is because of the risk involved with creating a AAA game. No Man's Sky is probably one of the games you think about when it comes to developers truly taking a risk and trying to create something new.

At the AAA level, taking high-level risk is not a frequent occurrence in the gaming industry. As a result, it forces the innovations or new ideas to be a lot smaller, versus completely stepping outside of a formula that has already been proven. No Man's Sky Co-Creator Sean Murray discussed where the true problem in game development cost lies.

"When I look at game development in general I think the cost of creating content is the real problem. The sheer amount of assets that artists must build to furnish a world is what forces so many safe creative bets. Likewise, you can’t have 300 people working experimentally.

"Game development is often more like building a skyscraper that has form and definition but is ultimately quite similar to what is around it. It never sat right with me to be in a huge warehouse with hundreds of people making a game. That is not the way it should be—and now it doesn’t have to be," Murray said.

No Man's Sky's procedural approach to creating an expansive universe is one of the most intriguing concepts we've seen from a new-generation game, period. With players being able to explore completely different, unique planets anytime they land on a new rock, No Man's Sky has the potential to change a lot of things in this industry.

No Man's Sky is a timed-exclusive for the PS4 and will eventually come to PC, among other platforms. Hello Games certainly has the attention of the entire gaming industry, and it'll be interesting to see how they ultimately finish this incredible looking game. No Man's Sky will launch sometime in 2015.

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