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No Makeup Day? No problem

Pink lips are a simple, fast and great solution to stand out without any other makeup.
Sara Davis

Happy Sunday! Ever have one of those days where your skin looks smooth and crystal clear, only with moisturizer on? Or running late to even apply that favorite eye makeup of yours? What about compromising to have either only good hair or only good makeup? Yeah, we’ve all been there. For times like these, there is a simple solution.

Add some pink to your lips. That’s it. Whether you want shocking bright lipstick, or just a shimmery light pink - the solution is simple. It takes less than 5 minutes, makes you feel just as pretty and is plain adorable. Pink is a natural tone. By enhancing the color of your lips, they will stand out and shine; no other makeup necessary. On the plus side, skin needs a break once in a while for your pores to breathe. Let that moisturizer sink in and show off the real you.

Makeup was created to enhance the beautiful features that each woman already owns. Take a day every once in a while and remember that we don’t need it, even if we love the look. We are beautiful either way and should feel comfortable in our own skin (no pun intended.) But if you do want a little spruce, try a subtle lip color or shine alone.

How often do you avoid makeup? Will you give this a try?

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