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No life

Empty dark and lifeless
Eastside Detroit Toni-Brooke Brown

Lonely, lifeless, empty, dark, hopeless and abandoned. Sound familiar? Like a condemned building, that's been burned and abandoned; that's been overlooked, yet is still an eye sore. So many people feeling that their lives have been wasted; that they have been left in a deserted place, with nothing to fill the void of loneliness. So many people trying to find a way to cover the aches; to mask the pain; to fill the empty place; to find light to replace that which is dark. So many people living in the natural; breathing in the natural; functioning in the natural...but what they feel and what they say to themselves is this, "I have no life."

As I look throughout the city of Detroit, seeing the buildings and houses that STAND ready to FALL; the neighborhoods that are DARK during the DAY; the people who are ALIVE, yet LIFELESS: As I see the streets FILLED with EMPTY people; and those who have FAMILY members, but have yet been ABANDONED... all I see is a lack of love and a need for CHRIST. Why? Because, without HIM, there is, 'NO LIFE.'

We have people who are 'without'. Without direction in their life, they are lifeless: Without knowledge of their purpose, they are empty: Without joy and a ray of light, they continue to walk in darkness: Without hope for an expected end, they live their life as though they are hopeless: Without encouragement and love, they feel abandoned. Becoming numb and sedated, they begin to die, because they are alive, but they have 'NO LIFE.'

Addicted and depressed; down and discouraged; worried and saddened.... this is the PICTURE of the world that is being PAINTED more clearly each day. However, this is not the plan of GOD. Although the CITIES are filled with the empty hearts of the lost and broken...this is not the STATE that GOD desires for those who will walk with HIM. The question is, what do we do with a world filled with spiritual zombies; a world filled with broken hearts and doubtful minds? What is the solution for a world filled with people who are alive, but have 'NO LIFE.'?

JESUS is the answer to every question; HE is the solution to every problem; HE is the way out of every lifeless situation and HE is the a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

JESUS is life for the lifeless; JESUS is the light of the world, for those who have been living in the dark. HE is the one who died so that we may have abundant life, so that we no longer have an empty life: Hope is the result of us keeping our eyes on the author and finisher of our faith, JESUS CHRIST.

As an abandoned building/house, must be torn down and built anew; being filled with life, meaning, light and hope... so must a man/woman of GOD be made new in CHRIST JESUS, for a make over; a new life; a destination and a new path. There is hope in CHRIST. To know HIM, is to made whole; complete and entire.

Our true life is in if you find yourself saying, "I have NO LIFE," remember that JESUS is LIFE. Give HIM the life you had; and take that life HE has... it is never-ending, and all fulfilling.

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