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No-kill animal rescue overwhelmed and pleading for help

Arkansas no-kill rescue is struggling
Arkansas no-kill rescue is struggling
Via Innocent Hearts Animal Rescue FB page

On Sunday, a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue in Mountain View, Ark., issued a desperate plea to their supporters. The overwhelmed organization, Innocent Hearts Animal Rescue, wrote the following words to their Facebook followers:

This is a very bad day for us here at IHAR. I would ask each and everyone of you to please share this with other rescues. We need someone to come and get the dogs here. I am no longer able to care for them as they need and they deserve. Our pens are shot and the dogs are getting out and getting run over and I cannot do this any longer. I have dogs that need to go to the Vet and with no funds it is not fair to them. I do not want to put them to sleep but I will not let them suffer.

According to the rescue agency's website, the organization is:

dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned animals throughout our county. We are a no-kill shelter, meaning only those with aggressive personalities, deemed dangerous to be handled, or those who, as determined by a veterinarian are too injured or ill to survive are euthanized.

The no-kill organization offered insight to their current troubles, stating:

To give everyone a rough idea of what it takes just to feed the animals at our facility, we are going through 5 50 lb bags each and every day to feed 180 animals. Without donations, the food bills alone add up very fast. And with a down tick in donation, and expiration of the food program we were involved in, its quickly outstripping our resources.

This is why food and financial donations are critical. An unusually cold and icy winter also put a big dent in our warchest, and we've been struggling to make up those differences. It is a never ending battle, and that is why we need your help.

Find this struggling rescue agency on Facebook here or on their website here.

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