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No kidding – bowling’s a hoot!

Elizaberth and George have some fun at Canoga Park Bowl.
Elizaberth and George have some fun at Canoga Park Bowl.
Fred Eisenhammer

Why is it that bowlers are such terrific quipsters?

Perhaps it’s because they’re having so much fun.

That’s not to say all the jokes are Johnny Carson-caliber. But some are pretty downright funny and creative.

And as one might imagine, these jokes can run the gamut, from raunchy to sweet to absolutely hilarious.

All these funny lines serve a purpose – they can be an elixir for life’s troubles and frustrations.

One of the top quipsters has to be 76-year-old Ken Borshell, who's previously been cited in this column for his quick wit.

He’s a tireless commuter who for the past 30 years has been making long-distance jaunts from either Bakersfield (seven years) or Palm Desert (23 years) to the Valley.

Perhaps he thinks up all his funny lines during the 300-mile round-trip trek that he now makes to join bowling league pals Randy Silverman, Larry Menzer and Cecil Fine.

In truth, he’s pretty on-the-spot witty; some of his finest lines include:

– On his desire to bring more women bowlers into the league: “Damn tootin’. I’m not dead yet. When I get older, my eyes get younger.”

– On why he takes part in monthly card games with friends despite “always” losing: “I enjoy getting together . . . to hell with the money.”

– On never getting stranded on the road through all the years that he’s traveled to the Valley: “Drive cars that last and not American cars.”

– On his secret of looking and acting at least 10 years younger than his chronological age: “Just enjoy life and enjoy people and enjoy yourself . . . and try to eat well and get regular checkups.”

Two other folks were recently seen good-humoredly bantering through their league bowling. They were bowling buddies George Barner and Elizabeth Fonvergne (shown in photo), who have joined forces to bowl on the same team at Canoga Park Bowl.

In their first week together on the team, George – a 126-average bowler – was actually keeping pace with mentor Elizabeth, one of the elite women bowlers in the area.

George, when told he was “on fire” after totaling 117 through the first six frames of his first game, said: “I like that. Fire is good.”

And he added: “Don’t get too excited. It may be short-lived.”

Turns out George was right.

He struggled a bit at the end, but he still finished with a sterling 171.

Elizabeth maintained her blazing pace and scorched a rousing 222 – then blasted a 237 in her second game.

Said Elizabeth: “If a student is going to beat the teacher, he’ll have to earn it.”

There you have it.

Go bowling, knock down some pins and have some fun! And have plenty of laughs.

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