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No joke: Mike Epps allegedly beats up comic for parodying him

Comedian Mike Epps apparently has no sense of humor when it comes to jokes cracked about him. According to a report by TMZ on Monday, Epps allegedly played a role in beating down another comic in Atlanta because he was mocking Epps feud with Kevin Hart.

Mike Epps speaks onstage at the 2014 AOL NewFronts at Duggal Greenhouse on April 29, 2014 in New York, New York.
Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for AOL

The alleged victim was comic Lavar Walker who told police that he was informed Epps was waiting outside the Uptown Comedy Corner club to speak to him concerning his jokes. When he went outside, he alleged he was struck in the face by Epps and then further attacked by two other men who were with Epps. Walker was then transported to a hospital suffering from various injuries.

There have been no arrests associated with the allegations, but Atlanta police are investigating the fight that went down Saturday night. The situation supposedly evolved after Walker made a video poking fun at Epps, who is nationally known. In the 15-second video captured on Instagram, Walker parodies a social media war of words between Mike Epps and Kevin Hart.

Witnesses do confirm that it was Epps behind the beating. One witness called the incident “ridiculous” because it happened over an Instagram joke. Another witness, comedian Bo Micadelic, said he saw what happened. He told WSB-TV, “I was shocked by it all to go down like that, especially with Mike Epps who’s supposed to be a superstar. Why would he get involved in something?”

Micadelic goes to claim that Walker was immediately punched by one of Epps’ bodyguards as soon as he went outside and then was kicked in the head while he was down. Walker never fought back or even had the chance to defend himself. Micadelic also reported that Epps went over to Walker while he was calling the police and said, “Don’t make any more videos of me.”

Mike Epps has not responded to the allegations, but witnesses who saw the incident feel that sort of violence was not necessary for something that was meant as a joke. In the world of comedy, people involved should have a tougher skin because what makes comedy entertaining is the ability to create laughs.

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