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No incumbent means fair game for Florez, Parra in Assembly district 30

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The Democratic primary contenders for the State Assembly's 30th district can breathe a little easier today due to yesterday's announcement that incumbent Republican Assemblyman Danny Gilmore would not seek re-election this year and endorsed a political newcomer with ties to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Visalia)

However, the democratic campaigns first have to sort out who has the right to challenge David Valadeo, the Republican choice for the district, in the June 8th primary.

The contenders are Fran Florez, mother of state Sen. Dean Florez and the democratic nominee in the 2008 election for the very same seat, and Pete Parra, father of former Assemblywoman Nicole Parra who angered Democrats in 2008 over endorsing Danny Gilmore who won the election. These two families, which have feuded politically for years, could tear apart the district's Democratic voters and just might tip the scales for Republican newcomer Valadao.

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