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No hurricanes over Labor Day weekend

It looks as if the Labor Day weekend will be free of any major disruptions will be free of any problems caused by tropical weather systems. The National Hurricane Center's Friday morning tropical weather satellite photo shows Cristobal as post-tropical storm churning up the North Atlantic near Newfoundland. There is also a tropical wave just coming off the coast of Africa, but forecasters give it 0% chance of developing into a tropical cyclone over the weekend. Also getting a 0% chance is an area of disturbed weather in the Caribbean just below the island of Hispaniola.

Weather Underground founder Dr. Jeff Masters takes note of the quiet state of the tropics in his Friday morning blog entry. “With Cristobal's transition to an extratropical storm and the demise of the Eastern Pacific's Tropical Storm Marie earlier today, there are now no named tropical cyclones anywhere in the world--an unusual situation for what is traditionally one of the busiest days of the Northern Hemisphere's tropical cyclone season.”

Going into what is often the busiest part of any hurricane season it should be a relief to head into September with no tropical systems showing up on the maps, but we still have several months ahead where storms can develop. There's nothing to worry about on the tropical weather map, but hurricane season is not a time for complacency. There's still plenty of time for Mothern Nature to get the tropics boiling with storms, but for now, enjoy the holiday weekend and check in once in a while with your local media outlets and/or favorite weather bloggers just make sure you're not caught by surprise.

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