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No historic district is an island

Kim Clayson
President, Villages Community Development Corporation
Kim Clayson President, Villages Community Development Corporation
Jordan Medeiros


  • Betty R. 6 years ago

    Another great article! Brava!

  • Janet G. 6 years ago

    Great pic & great article! Congrats!

  • Cathy Miller 6 years ago

    I was so proud of you and so impressed with this great organization of which you are a leader! It was so wonderful for me as someone who grew up in Detroit (with your mother) to see that there are people who are saving and bring back to life all the beauty that still exists there! I toured a lot of the city while I was therewith your Mom and Janet and then with my sister and found neighborhoods that were bright lights coming back into their own and good health like Indian Village, Corktown, and other neighborhoods even amidst the damage caused by the downturn in our economy has particularly taken it's toll on grand old cities like Detroit. I just read last week about the plans of doing agribusiness in a lot of the vacant property. It sounded very hopeful! My best to you and everyone else associated with VCDC. I'm with you in spirit! Cathy

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