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No Heroes in new trailer to The Purge: Anarchy

Last year, moviegoers were introduced to a country with no rules in The Purge. The premise of the film was that for one night, all crime would be legal. The end result was a home invasion film that, while it did not win every moviegoer over, still became a sleeper hit for the summer of 2013. It was such a success that creation of a sequel quickly went into production and now the government would like to thank you for your participation in The Purge: Anarchy. This time, Instead of surrounding a home, Anarchy takes to the streets as a group of innocents try to survive the night with; which will be incredibly difficult with all the psychopaths hunting them down. The movie is week's away, but that did not stop Universal from releasing a new trailer for the upcoming sequel.

A new trailer on the upcoming horror is now online
Universal Pictures

The new trailer to the movie works about the same as the previous trailers. However, this time we get to see more on the character Leo ( played by Captain America: The Winter Soldier's Frank Grillo), who is a father seeking revenge for the loss of his son. The preview then shows him taking charge as he leads a bunch of innocents through a city full of people trying to kill them ( which was established in the previous trailer). The trailer then showcases a number of incidents that will be seen in the movie; featuring the likes of masked killers, roaming gangs and high society bidding on "purges".

While this film is played out to be a horror film, it certainly does not feel that way from this trailer. From the explosions to the just chaos on the streets, the trailer gives Anarchy a vibe you what you may see in an action movie (or a thriller). However that may be the point of the trailer, and perhaps the horror aspect to the 2014 sequel has yet to be seen.

What do you think of the trailer? Do you think it delivers? State your own opinion in the comments below. The Purge: Anarchy commences in theaters on July 18th.

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