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No guaranteed contract after week of UFCW picketing

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Lower pay than Kroger pays Ralph's workers, kept boycotting UFCW local union workers who work at Food4Less and Kroger far apart on making a deal on the "fair pay" union workers ask. Picket lines at Food4Less stores in Lemon Grove, the city, and down near the U.S.-Mexico border held out shoppers through this morning.

UFCW Local 135 workers stood by the grocery worker union's decision to not agree to pay that does not pay Food4Less workers enough to "make ends meet." Kroger, not giving the union an offer with mor epay before the end of the weekend, stood firm on the "good offer" it has on the table.

Members from local unions joined the UFCW workers on picket lines over the weekend. At the Lemon Grove store, an SEIU union member, wearing the union's purple, asked customers coming in and out of the store to listen. Hard working union members deserve "fair pay."

This morning, the union was saying its time picketing paid off. Store workers reported many customers did not cross the picket lines, and, shopping numbers were down. Even at the Lemon Grove store that expected higher sales during its grand reopening. Customers were seen wearing union buttons.

Elected city officials showed up at stores to support UFCW workers asking customers, DON'T SUPPORT Food4Less until Food4Less SUPPORTS ITS WORKERS. A before the weekend visit to a store came from District 6 council candidate, Carol Kim . Myrtle Cole, District 4's councilwoman, took up the cause on a fair deal with union workers at a store this weekend.

UFCW leader Mickey Kasparian will not seal a deal unless his union members earn higher pay. With no pay reductions. And, get higher benefits.

Food4Less Food Co. agreed to continue bargaining this week. Reminding UFCW, "the only way to reach an agreement is at the bargaining table." And, insisted "no one wins" with workers refusing to work, and, lining up to picket stores. After announcing in July, parent company Kroger made more than 500 million dollars in profits, last week, Kroger did not make a new offer. Food4Less having ofered hourly pay increases and lump sum bonuses to Food4Less workers. And, the same health benefits. An offer, it calls more money.

The Food4Less warning lost business opens up an opportunity to cut worker hours stands.

Food4Less workers will return to work, UFCW says, after Food4Less stops failing to pay its underpaid workers a full share of Kroger's profits.

The union is posting a petition for a fair deal on its Hard Work, Fair Pay website. San DIegans can state their own message to Food4Less and Kroger.

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