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No Games leader Tom Tresser to announce for Cook County Board office Saturday morning


Tresser at 32nd Ward Olympics Event
Tom Tresser, long time Chicago activist on such issues as the 2016 Olympics in Chicago and leasing Park District land to Latin School of Chicago for a soccer field, distributed  a press release announcing that he is making a major announcement, Sat. Oct. 17 at 11 a.m. in Jak's Tap, 901 W. Jackson.  It is reported that he will throw his hat into the ring for the Cook County Board.

The leader of the anti-Olympics in Chicago for the No Games Chicago, Tresser emphasized that this run is independent of No Games and that there is no connection to that organization.

Tom Tresser discusses 2016 Games at the 32nd Ward's Olympics event 

Post the 2016 games bid selection, No Games  conducted a survey to determine their future direction, the group feed back  from more than 500 people resulted in 32% advocating for "Recruit, prepare and support candidates for public office" while 33% said "Work with neighborhoods to help secure political power" and 59% chose to "Serve as a watchdog group to keep public officials honest and accountable."

Dispite Tresser's political move being independent of the No Games organization, he states that ,"I intend to deliver on all three of those (No Game) great recommendations." 

More information: Olympics 2016 and the 32nd Ward; Crain's Political Columnist,Greg Hinz ;

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  • Stacy Spletzer-Jegen 5 years ago

    I love Chicago ... and the fact that Chicago bid for the 2016 Olympics. The great people of Chicago had an opportunity to educate the globe on what a world class, beautiful and great place Chicago is. Why would anyone support someone that doesn't respect that vision?

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