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No fuss travel-friendly self tanners

Tanning towelettes are perfect for traveling.
Tanning towelettes are perfect for traveling.

If you haven't had much time to work on your tan, don't fret. There are a few self tanners out there that can give you a nice and even, natural-looking color, in little to no time at all. These particular self tanners are streak-free and so easy to apply too. Use them at home, or take them with you while you're traveling and leave the dangerous tanning salons behind.

Sublime Bronze™ Towelettes for Body by L'Oreal Paris. Do you remember a product called TanTowel? Well, L'Oreal came up with its own version of self-tanning towelettes that work just as well but cost a fraction of the price. You simply wipe the tanning towelette all over your body for a beautiful, streak-free tan. It only takes a few hours to see the result and the towelettes moisturize your skin with vitamin E, as well as exfoliate with a mild alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) derivative. Sublime Bronze™ Towelettes are also quick drying and leave a pleasant, citrusy smell on the skin.

Sublime Bronze™ ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist. If you prefer the airbrushed tan look, then try one of L'Oreal's ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Self-Tanning Mists. It is available in both medium and deep natural tan colors. You can get salon-perfect results at home or on the go with this product and save yourself a trip to the spray tan salon plus quite a few dollars. This tanning mist has a wide-angle jet applicator that sprays a continuous mist with 360° coverage. The mist is lightweight and fine and has a refreshing citrusy scent. It takes seconds for it to dry and you don't need to rub or massage it into your skin to get great results.

Sublime Bronze™ Tinted Self Tanning Golden Mousse. Another great option from L'Oreal Paris is their self-tanning mousse. What is the difference between a tanning mousse and a tanning lotion, you ask? Mousse is much lighter in consistency, absorbs quickly, and dries almost as fast as a mist. You won't spend a lot of time rubbing this product into your skin as you would with a self-tanning lotion. Simply spray it on your skin and take a few seconds to rub it in. This tanning mousse is long-lasting too (you'll only have to reapply about once a week).