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No friends, no problem, Word Grab, The Better Letter Game

Word Grab, the better word game
Word Grab, the better word game
Word Grab

Playing word building games is a great way to expand and reinforce your vocabulary. These word apps on your smart device are fun and engaging. With the app, Word Grab, The Better Letter Game, anyone can play a word building game, no friends required.

Word Grab is a strategic, tactical word games that teams a player versus a computer opponent or other players online. Players compete against their opponents and earn points by creating words in a horizontal or vertical direction on the grid using single letter tiles that were randomly dispersed to them. The players have tiles of different colors. The goal of the game is to have the majority of your color tiles on the board at the end of the game. More points can be “grabbed” from the opponent by surrounding their letters with yours to create your words.

“We are excited about the new and improved version of Word Grab,” said Barry Kaplan, Word Grab creator. “The game is fun for people of all ages and could encourage kids to think strategically and learn new words.”

The fun of Word Grab is that it is a quick, fast paced game. There is no need to wait for a friend to play his turn. The computer quickly reacts to your turn. The speed makes players quickly recall their vocabulary knowledge. In addition, strategy on word placement and letter usage makes the game more challenging.

Word Grab is available for both iOS systems and Android. It is free on both platforms.