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No fracking for natural gas. No shipping it across Atlantic Ocean

Extremely upset to hear of our nation's desire to frack America and become Europe's full-time supplier of 'natural' gas. We propose to ship their supply over the Atlantic Ocean in tankers apparently, after long hauls on our local roads. What could possible go wrong?

First it was McCain, and his fact-finding non partisan senatorial group, running their mouths at a recent press conference in Kiev.

Now it is the president, I have trusted to do the intelligent thing, talking of replacing Russia as Europe's gas supplier.

We will expand our ports and build new ones, on our precious coasts, just for the purpose of raping our own land, to the detriment of our own people, to supply Europe, who by the way, is supplied quite well by Russian gas & with relatively local pipelines already in place and working! Humiliating Russia, and declaring intention to crash economy, does not friends make. Surely there is another solution for our people and theirs.

Considering the fierce opposition to more pipelines in America, why does any politician think it will be OK with us to defile our land, suck out the gas, and load into tankers, which are loaded onto ships, for the benefit of nations on the other side of the planet? When do our people get to put in a vote on this? What about the water use to push out the gas? What about water table contamination? What about earthquakes?

No to fracked gas in the first place. The U.S, Europe, & Russia need to move away from it, too. The whole world needs to step back from this process. If there were no alternatives, but there are alternatives, great alternatives! Once clean energy collection is in place, other than minor maintenance that offers clean and safe jobs, the energy collected is FREE! The sun continues to shine, the wind blows, the waves roll, and the Earth's interior w/stay hot for eons to come.

Maybe we now come to the crux of the issue. Profiteers, without any real patriotism, counting on the lucrative rape of our planet will have to retire on their billions already stashed around the planet. No more obscene profits on the destruction of our planet. May be a hard pill to swallow, but we don't need dirty oil and gas, or nuclear, any more to survive. Like our phones & computers, new alternatives are getting more effective, with smaller imprints, & cheaper every day. Time to evolve, put away our barbaric natures, and work with our bountiful resources for the good of all, and for a future we can be proud to pass on to our children.

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