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No floral crosses found at Japanese funeral ceremonies

If you have ever joined a Japanese funeral ceremony, you must have found that there is no floral cross displayed anywhere. Why ? Answer is quite simple. Because most of Japanese people are not Christians. Next question is here. “Then according to which religion is funeral ceremony held in Japan ?”. The answer is “It is held according to Buddhism because most Japanese people are Buddhists”.

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Here is another question. “In spite of the fact that most Japanese people are Buddhists, why do many people hold a wedding ceremony at a Christianity church. It sounds strange that they follow Christianity customs only at the time of weddings. Why don’t they follow Christianity customs at the time of funeral ceremony ?”.

By reading this article until here, most of readers MUST think Japan is a HARD-TO-UNDERSTAND country and it is not so organized in terms of religion. The writer of this article cannot answer the above question.

Here is another confusion about religion in Japan. When a brand new baby is born, parents usually go to Shinto Shrine. They do not go to Buddhism temple. However when somebody passes away, they hold funerals at Buddhism temple. Most people do not hold funeral ceremonies according to Shinto religion. Shinto is the Japanese people’s original religion. Buddhism came to Japan after Shinto became the legitimate religion of Japanese people. Buddhism was introduced to Japan back in AD 538 (about 1480 years ago).

As seen from above, even religion is mixed in Japan. Needless to say the habits, customs and cultures in their daily life adopt things from various countries. Now I would like to talk about floral arrangements prevailing in Japan. Although Japan has its own traditional floral art called Ikebana,

European floral arrangement is now quite popular (even more popular than Ikebana). As a matter of fact, European floral arrangement was introduced to Japan somewhere in late 1980’s. Before that, “floral arrangement” in Japan automatically meant Ikebana. Nowadays “floral arrangement” means European floral arrangement and Ikebana means Japanese traditional floral art.

Ikebana is still supported by many people in Japan. It is still popular in Japan, especially among people who earned Ikebana arrangement skill before European floral arrangement landed on Japan. On the other hand European floral arrangement is quite popular especially among young people. As seen from this situation, both European floral designs and Japanese traditional Ikebana are popular in Japan at the moment.

As wedding ceremonies and parties for many young couples are held according to European or American style, wedding floral decorations are made in the style of European arrangement.

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