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Deliver this child from evil, not silence her

Smothered into silence, but still speaks
Smothered into silence, but still speaks
Facebook and Beth P

Of late I have read many blogs, but one reaches out to me. Beth Pensa, a 13 year old who writes publicly about her abuse in a blog. She is still forced to see her molester despite 8 years of court. She is told to "shut up". She is threatened with violence or death if she tells anyone. She has reached the point this year where she knew she had to speak, because shutting up was not stopping it. It only gives him more control of her life and her families. She went to speak to a judge at the age of 7, and this judge appeared to have helped as she was put in supervised visitation for awhile. Now a new judge disregards the fact the judge believed her and placed her right back in danger. Funny thing is the one who helped was the only one out of 4 who talked to the child.

This child came to the internet for a voice. Her mother has fought like only a lion would to protect her but from sources it appears that most recently she was followed and nearly run off road by a large vehicle that appeared to be a hummer. Beth has been dragged by a jump rope wrapped around her neck. She has been molested in the shower. She was threatened almost daily with her own death or that of her mother.

The courage to speak about such private and traumatic things comes from the fact that her siblings still go there. She has a real fear in which over the years by his repeated abuse and follow through he has proven he will do as he wishes. It would seem as though he buys people off. They seem to look the other way often in what is blatantly obvious abuse. She is more afraid of what he will do to her siblings as she knows what he is capable of. One of which has also spoken out recently. An incident where one was hospitalized after being abused and threatened was posted on facebook in photo. That looks like he wanted to send a double edged message to both children.

I do not understand what kind of world we live in that a child must suffer over and over because money, power, greed and control. She needs a voice. She has the courage only comparable to her mom. Society needs to right this wrong and give her back what is left of her childhood. She will no doubt grow into a formidable force as a survivor. Do not get me wrong in thinking that it will be as easy as leaving to begin healing from child sexual abuse. It will take a lifetime. It can not begin until she is safe to share her deepest thoughts. She has brought this into our hands. She needs someone who will stand against corruption, abuse and deliver her from this evil. The link to her blog which contains her email is listed as follows: