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No dull to discover

It is almost here; the end of the summer! In a certain light it can be a good thing. The end of summer always transitions into fall and the new trends that are hitting the streets. It also brings up the decision to make whether or not to change the color of your hair to fit in the trend with what looks good for fall. Many people go light in the summer and a little darker in the fall. This is because in the summer you tan and you want to make sure that your tan does not clash with your hair color. In the fall it is more earth tone colors; dark blondes and browns, even some dark reds can be a good trend to go with. Breaking up the dark color with highlights can give it more of a shine in the quiet fall. An easy way to give hair a shine; either light or dark is by using a glaze. It is a hair coating that is semi-permanent and lasts only a couple weeks. A great product is by Sebastian called Color Glaze. It is applied like hair color in sections and for best results wrap your hair in a plastic cap and use the blow drying for about 5 minutes to soak it in. Your stylist can get it at Cosmoprof. It is an easy way to even refresh color that is looking dull. If you are thinking that is might not work for your certain hair color, no problem there is a wide range of colors to choose from. One tip; remember that it is deposit only, meaning it is not mixed with any color developer so it will not stay like permanent color does.