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No drugs, no alcohol, no animal flesh -- A modern counterculture movement

X's symbolize straight edge on many people's hands.
X's symbolize straight edge on many people's hands.
Christopher Clark


  • Ray Cappo 6 years ago

    "There is evil in every berry of grape."

    Trust me, I would know.

  • Skip Candelori 6 years ago

    Great article.

  • nick baxter 6 years ago

    ray--i completely agree. this article, although i loved what it said about straight edge, was very one-sided and stroke-jobey. clearly there are many pitfalls of any idealogy. sXe has seen them all, with the elitism and violence and clique-ism that comes with it. not to mention how temporary and fake it is for 95% of people who claim. HOWEVER, the good parts of it, its true positive potential needs to be celebrated and made known any time we can do so. so im glad for this article. ad quite frankly, for you and what you've done for sXe, and with sXe, even if you don't claim anymore.

  • Erin Kahn 6 years ago

    Your article is a breath of fresh air!! I’m extremely tired of continually reading about the negative aspects of being Straight Edge. There is nothing more significant in a teenager’s life than having a positive role model- especially someone who tells them that it's OK to not drink & in turn they can feel confident in their decision. It’s such a shame that more kids never meet that one friend who shares with them that one Minor Threat tape or the like. Christopher, I think focusing on the positive relationship between adolescents & claiming edge is dead on. People are flawed but I certainly don’t believe that any of the morals accompanying Straight Edge are.

    It’s funny because I am who I am because of the boy who first drew X’s on my hand & he is probably barfing up Vodka/Root Beers on 6th street at this very moment. Just because it’s a phase for some doesn’t make it any less genuine for others.

  • Jinxi 6 years ago

    This is a fantastic article and I appreciate every bit of positive commentary given to the sXe community. I am definitely not a "youth" any longer, but I became Straight Edge at the age of 37 (I am now 39). While I had been a vegan and was passionate about my dedication to that lifestyle, I was oblivious to the destruction that alcohol was slowly doing to my life. It all came full circle & I woke up one day to realize that many of the reasons I was a vegan were precisely what I needed to apply in terms of being sober. It changed my life & my perspective towards everything. I wish that I hadn't allowed 15 years of poisons into my body, but I felt a sense of freedom the day I dedicated myself to living Straight Edge and have never looked back.
    We need more articles like this. I'm glad I happened upon it. And though sXe is directed towards a younger generation, I am proud to associate with it even as an "old timer." =)

  • joe blow 6 years ago

    Vodka/Root Beer? Are you kidding me? That sounds delicious. X's on my hands.

  • Sean Martin 6 years ago

    Connecticut's only Straight Edge band.

  • Molly 6 years ago

    So is this section officially dead? Are you ever going to post again? What's happening in CT straight-edge culture?

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