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No double standard news reporting? You be the judge.

Does the news media have a double standard, one for Republicans and one for Democrats?

Let's compare two similar incidents, the George Washington bridge scandal and the shutdown non-scandal which occurred last year from October 1 through 16. Both interrupted traffic. The bridge scandal, in an isolated and local area, slowed traffic to a crawl and perhaps interrupted at a maximum a few short hours of an individual's schedule during the 4-day lane closure. That's it. Nothing more; nothing less. Yet, it has been blown up into a major “scandal” by major news media. Even after a whole week, it’s still being discussed in the news. According to some, the “scandal” may continue for the next several more days, if not weeks.

On the other hand, the act of the Obama administration, who planned and deliberately denied entry to all national parks and sites nationwide and national cemeteries worldwide to Americans, and foreign tourists alike, was totally overlooked by the same news media. Overnight, in less than 8 hours after the shutdown and for the very first time, all national parks and sites throughout the nation and national cemeteries, around the world, were barricaded and closed to the public with signs stating "Because of the Federal SHUTDOWN, all National Parks are CLOSED."

The words "shutdown" and "closed" were capitalized on the barricaded signs. Signs which proves the Obama administration planned for the shutdown several weeks or even months prior to the actual implementation because, logistically, it would takes several weeks to procure, construct and transport signs constructed specifically for the shutdown. And in the meantime, Obama refused to compromise one iota with Congress to prevent a shutdown.

As a result, many Americans (and foreign tourists) were more than inconvenienced. Many had planned and paid for travel and lodging to visit national parks, perhaps weeks, if not months, in advance—just to be denied their vacations, including the aging WWII vets who came to view their WWII memorial. Yet not one word about the non-scandal from any news media.

In total contrast, the bridge scandal may have slowed the flow of traffic and interfered with those on one local and isolated bridge for a few short days; however, the interruption was miniscule in comparison to the disruption caused by the closure of all our national parks, sites and cemeteries nationwide and overseas.

In summary

Bridge Scandal

  1. Political Party: Republican
  2. Person of Interest: Governor Christie
  3. Duration: 4 days
  4. Affect: Slowdown and disruption of traffic
  5. Closure Impact: Only 2 of 3 lanes closed on one isolated bridge
  6. News Coverage: Continued coverage for more than a week-still continuing

Shutdown Non-Scandal

  1. Political Party: Democrat
  2. Person of Interest: President Obama
  3. Duration: 16 days
  4. Affect: Major disruption for vacationing and site-seeing American citizens and
    foreign tourists nationwide, and especially for aging WWII vets
  5. Closure Impact: All national parks and sites nationwide and cemeteries worldwide
  6. News Coverage: Absolutely no coverage from any news media

We need fair and balanced communications from the news media to make intelligent decisions for the betterment of America.

What would have happened if a Republican president barricaded the national parks and sites after a shutdown, for example, President Reagan during the shutdowns during his administration? No president, Democrat or Republican has ever closed the national parks, prior to Obama's administration. What if Governor Christie was a Democrat?

No double standard news reporting? No news bias? You be the judge.

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