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No "Doctor Who" in the near future

The logo for "Doctor Who," which is currently preparing for its eighth season
The logo for "Doctor Who," which is currently preparing for its eighth season

The Easter holiday has come and gone. Eggs have been found and chocolate bunnies have had their ears eaten. For science-fiction fans, however, there was one thing that was conspicuously missing from this holiday.

There was no episode of "Doctor Who."

Easter weekend usually heralds the return of “Doctor Who” to Whovians all over the globe. In the nine years since the show was rebooted, it has become a bit of a tradition to have a new episode the day before Easter, with said episode often being the first one back after the Christmas special. The show first began the day before Easter in 2005, with Episode 101 (“Rose”) airing on March 26, 2005. Even in 2009 when the show opted away from a traditional season in lieu of a series of movie specials, there was still a new "Doctor Who" to watch the day before Easter, as one of the specials (“Planet of the Dead”) aired that day. In fact, in the nine years since "Doctor Who" returned to the air, 2008 and 2012 were the only other years that "Doctor Who" fans have had to go without at this time of year.

So when will Whovians get to indulge in their favorite show again? That, unfortunately, is still a matter that appears to be very much in the air. In a February interview, Ben Wheatley (who is the director of the first two episodes of season eight) hazarded a guess that the new season would begin in July. Others remain less optimistic, with a more conservative guess being that new episodes will start in late summer or early autumn. Either way, there is still a bit of a wait. So fire up the Netflix and begin the marathon re-watch until then!