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No disqualification match headlines NWA SAW Friday night

After Friday night's melee, NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling will have a solid week ahead.

"The Headliner" Chris Michaels will be in action on Friday night against Hot Rod Biggs in Millersville, TN!
Lekisha Oliver

Announced on Sunday night, there will be not only a new Southern Junior Heavyweight champion crowned, but a no disqualification match and much more!

In the main event, Hot Rod Biggs will take on "Headliner" Chris Michaels in a no disqualification match! These two men have not only made their feelings known about each other, but each have shown that they are ready for the other and are ready to shed each other's blood. Plus, there will be a special guest referee, Nick Nitros!

For the first time, the new Southern Junior Heavyweight champion will be crowned at NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling. But this will not be just a normal match, it will be a six-man ladder match! Already announced for the match, "The Standout" Charles Alexander, Magnum Shane Smalls, Josh Crow, Kaden Sade and two more participants to be announced later in the week.

Nick Nitros' segment, The Nitros Noise, has continued to bring controversy to the SAW Mill. This week, Nick's guest will be Hot Rod Biggs. Biggs came out and accepted Chris Michaels' challenge, but what will Biggs have to say when he addresses the audience in Millersville this week?

Mayhem has continued to blaze through the tag team circuit at NWA SAW. This week, Hammerjack and Gator McAlister with Brother Brew, will face off against L. T. Falk and TNT Motley.

The NWA Southern Television Champion Shawn Shultz will be in action on Friday night. With Shultz turning his back on the fans, now he will get a surprise opponent this week. Will Shultz continue to hold onto the title he has continued to defend throughout the area or will he lose the gold?

Also announced for Friday night, "The Gift" Jason Kincaid, Lance Erikson, JW Murdoch and much more!

Card is subject to change.

NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling is located at the SAW Mill at 1214B Louisville Highway in Millersville, Tennessee.

Doors open at 7:00 p.m. with bell time at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $10 for all seats.

For information on NWA SAW, visit them on Facebook!

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