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No cure for stupid in EU’s outpouring of anti-Israel vitriol

Recent news headlines about anti-Israel rallies in Paris and London
Recent news headlines about anti-Israel rallies in Paris and London

In reading the headlines emanating out of Europe in recent days, I can only characterize my observations as akin to having a clear view of two locomotives steaming towards a head-on collision, although the hapless passengers aboard each train have no idea what massive destruction and sorrow await them.

Tens of thousands rally in London against Israel’s Gaza op,” reads one story in The Times of Israel. “Anti-Israel protesters in Paris defy ban, clash with police,” reads another.

Have Parisians and Londoners really forgotten the harsh lessons of World War II, when Germans and their allies also rallied, by the hundreds of thousands, in support of Adolf Hitler?

The answer, I fear is “no,” and “yes”.

It is “no”, because the France and England of today are not the two countries bowed by the Nazi juggernaut of the early 1940s.

Liberal immigration policies in both nations, as well as most of the European Union, have opened the doors to tens of millions of Arab immigrants who have changed, and continue to reconstruct, the basic fabric of European society.

The fact that tens of thousands of anti-Israel protestors can march and shout outside 10 Downing Street is less of a surprise when one recognizes that somewhere between 8% and 13% of the city’s population is now Muslim, and rapidly growing.

In Paris, the Islamic population may already be at 15%, while France’s historically large and vibrant Jewish community –at least those who are able – increasingly depart for Israel and other less-hostile environs.

The Muslim immigration wave that began in the 1960s in Western Europe has become a flood. According to the Pew Forum, by 2010, about 44 million Muslims called Europe home; slightly less than 50% of them living in the European Union.

If historic and lingering European anti-Semitism wasn’t enough to enflame the population against Israel and the Jewish people, then Arab immigration has served as potent lighter fluid.

Which is not to say that the non-Muslim population of the EU hasn’t – in general – chosen to forget that the anti-Semitic designs of Hitler and the Nazis ultimately engulfed their non-Jewish parents and grandparents in an inferno of human slaughter and misery.

If the non-Muslim Parisians and Londoners of today had not forgotten (or chosen to ignore) the unambiguous lessons of history, they would be marching in even greater numbers than the pro-Palestinian mobs to demand that their governments halt the spread of the Islamic virus before it rules all of Europe.

The dream of a renewed Arab Caliphate, encapsulating the metropolises of Paris, London, Antwerp, Stockholm and even Frankfurt is less medieval fiction that many imagine.

Want a preview of what the EU train wreck will look like? Consider another recent news headline, this one on “Facing fines, conversion or death, Christian families flee Mosul.”

That’s sobering news, indeed. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, according to CNN, has issued an ultimatum to Iraqi Christians living in Mosul – get out, pay large fines, convert, or face “death by sword.”

The collision between Christians and Muslims living in Europe is inevitable. The trains will collide.

And when the body count is examined, it is also clear that it will be the Christians and other non-Muslims living in Europe who face the stark choice: leave, convert or die.

I fear it is already too late for most in Europe to get off the train before the wreck.

Most Europeans, sadly, won’t allow themselves to recognize the oncoming annihilation before it is directly upon them.

There is no cure or salvation for stupid.

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