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No crying babies wanted at upscale restaurants

Alinea Restaurant
Alinea Restaurant

Alinea Restaurant, a top-notch restaurant in Chicago, was the recipient of a couple accompanied by a crying baby on Saturday night. Chef Grant Achatz of the restaurant turned to Twitter to ask what people thought of a customer bringing a crying baby to a 3-star restaurant. For the record, a meal costs $235 before tax and tip at Alinea, according to the Sun-Times on Monday.

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Straight out, the chef of Alinea asked publicly if it is acceptable for people to bring a baby to a class-act dining venue. He asserted that a customer brought an 8-month-old baby. the baby cried, and customers were disturbed. The response from Twitter respondents was clearly that it is not acceptable for people to bring a baby to a fine-dining establishment.

While the debate over the incident has escalated on social media venues since the story broke via the Alinea chef, the vast majority – especially from people in the dining and dining review businesses – say that bringing a baby to upscale restaurants is something that should absolutely not be done.