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No Creator, no true morality

Some people, atheists in particular, are fond of claiming that God is unnecessary for the existence of morality. This is sheer fantasy.

Without God, "morality" is nothing more than a man-made construct subject to the whims of our fickle attitudes: such-and-such a behavior is taboo now, but wait 20 years and it'll likely be acceptable. Or something like that.

The existence of God, however (the Biblical God, that is), is a game-changer, for He has clear, definite ideas about right and wrong that aren't subject to our ever-changing tastes.

God, being who He is (including our Creator), has the right to define proper behavior and proper motivation. Without God -- without Someone to tell us what's truly right and truly wrong -- life becomes a free-for-all in which every person decides for himself what's "right" and what's "wrong." In other words, without God it all becomes subjective. ("Just because something's wrong for you doesn't make it wrong for me." Sound familiar?)


  • Nick 5 years ago

    The evidence suggests that morality IS subjective. However, should we take a cursory glance at the acts of your god as portrayed in the Bible, we see a petty immature dictatorial tyrant who doesn't even match up to most human standards of morality. That is, if you take the Bible literally. Are those the morals you ascribe to? Would you kill homosexuals, witches, and stone disobedient sons in a public square? Do you even believe in witches for that matter? Would you willingly participate in the genocide of another group if (your) god told you to? Is this what you would describe as "true" morality?

    In your previous post you appeared to imply that you would provide demonstrable evidence that evolution was wrong and/or Creationism was correct. I presume this 'evidence' is scientific in nature? I assume you'll present it in a future post?

  • MikeF 5 years ago

    Jason? How can I put this? You are......WRONG!

  • LowellGuy 5 years ago

    Ok, let's test your hypothesis:

    Slavery - moral or immoral?

  • Jerome 5 years ago

    Morality can't come from a deity. Is it his whims or is it based on the reason of a deity. If the former then no objective standard, if the latter then morality supersedes whatever a deity says because anyone or anything with sufficent intellectual abilities can arive at same conclusions. Morality is a product of reducing harm and suffering.

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