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Cuomo fails to realize his governorship is temporary, like and honored guest
Cuomo fails to realize his governorship is temporary, like and honored guest
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Andrew Cuomo in a rare moment of candor said that what he considers “extreme conservatives have no place in New York State”. It might have been he felt confident talking to another government employee since the interview was with Susan Arbetter on public radio. It could also be he felt empowered since avowed socialist Kaiser Wilhelm (Bill DeBlasio) was elected by the residents of New York City.

Whatever the case, after a public outcry Andy instructed his lawyer to respond that he was misquoted. (Lawyer's Letter) Apparently they were counting on public radio’s small audience and forgetting that the show was recorded. So despite Cuomo’s lawyer’s assertions the voting public has one more example of what progressive democrats really think of a large portion of the population. They will count their votes and on their tax dollars but their voice has no say in how government is run by Andy and his friends.

There is outrage aplenty but there should be no surprise. This is how liberals who preach tolerance, multiculturalism, and free speech think of Americans. From Ray Nagrins “rebuild a New Orleans, the one that should be a chocolate New Orleans”, Obama’s complaining of voters clinging to their guns and religion, Eric Holders comparing the new Black Panthers “to people who risked all for my people”. Then there were the mayors of both Chicago and Boston in addition to various colleges telling Chick-Fil-A they are not welcome in “their” towns. More recently Oprah saying that prejudice won’t go away till all the older people die and the Gaytapo insisting Phil Robertson is not welcome on their TVs.

So naturally one wonders what type of people belong in Cuomo’s New York. We know by his order not to enforce the Secure Communities act there is a place for illegal immigrants even after their arrest. Sexual harassment must have a place since Micah Kellner, Dennis Gabrysak and their partner in cover-up Shelden Silver are still members of the NY Democrat party. Violating ethics for the liberals cause has a place in Cuomo’s New York when Malcolm Smith and John Sampson have not been replaced.

We also know from Cuomo’s bragging about his $33 million dollar war chest for this year’s election he loves big donors during elections. The little people are not part of the 80% that donated $10,000 or more to see him stay in office. (Cuomo's 33 Million) No the little people don’t usually donate $10,000 at a pop but they vote.

So what types of voters have a place in Andy’s New York? If you apply for welfare you are asked if you would like to register to vote, if you apply for a pistol permit you are not. If you apply for housing assistance a voter registration form is included but not with a business license. Cuomo must like those that vote early and often since a photo ID is not needed to vote, you don’t even need a real address a street corner will suffice if you have a place to receive mail. (Voter FAQs)

What the current crop of progressives doesn’t realize is they may be in positions of power but in America its government of the people for the people. It is not their government it is ours. Resistance is not futile despite their best efforts to marginalize those that disagree with them. From Nazi Germany, to Soviet Russia no matter how hard they tried, good men resisted. Some in a quiet way of the common people of the USSR, “The government pretends to pay us we pretend to work”. So in answer to Cuomo and his belief that conservatives have no place in New York, we do and our goal is to fight you every step of the way. Because good men realize it is better to rule their own lives in your hell than to serve in your progressive paradise.*

*(Paraphrase of Milton from Paradise Lost)

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