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No-cost ways to develop employees

Use an inspirational quote each day to motivate your workforce.
Use an inspirational quote each day to motivate your workforce.
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It is said that the only thing worse than losing a good employee is keeping a bad one. Every workplace has employees that are underperforming when compared to the expectations other supervisors. In some cases it is because the employee is not in the right slot for their talents, ambitions and soft skills. When this is the case investing in the employee will reap great benefits, particularly if you use low-cost or no-cost ways to enhance their skills and contributions.

Getting employee engagement does not have to be expensive.
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Here are some great ways to develop your employees without spending a lot of money. Each of these ideas requires only a commitment of time. Granted, time is money, when you develop an employee the time they spend in development is typically paid back 40:1.

Staff meetings

The first way to develop an employee is to allow an employee to fill in for you in a staff meeting. The reality is that you do not need to lead your staff meetings. Employees who have been to those meetings on a regular basis understand the way the meetings operate. By allowing somebody fill in for you you are allowing them to gain a feeling of contribution that will ignite other aspects of their performance.

Other meetings

Also consider allowing the employee to join you for your meetings. This will give them exposure to management at your level while they gain insight into your company’s culture and a better understanding of the way upper management thinks, acts and reacts.


Increasing employee’s responsibility is a great way to develop them. The premise of this article is that you have an employee who is underperforming so you may think, “why would I give them additional responsibilities as they cannot handle what they already have?’

This is where your leadership capabilities are most needed as you will need to decide what specific responsibilities the employee shines at doing. Never give them a task thinking it will overcome their weakness as it should be counterproductive. Which one do is give them a task the place to their strengths to give them confidence in a better sense of contribution.

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