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No Complaints Day Challenge is Aug. 12

No Complaints Day Challenge is Aug 12
No Complaints Day Challenge is Aug 12

Do you know what today, Aug. 12, is? If you don’t know, there are people who will not complain about you not knowing. The people who won’t complain are the people who are participating in “No Complaints Day.” The event has been started by King Kirin in memory of his mother, Mirian Kirin. Posted as an “event” on Facebook as the “No Complaints Day Challenge!” Kirin asks people to please give this consideration.

Kirin invites one and all to join him in the possibility of a single day of peace and quiet. He writes, “Can you imagine just having one day where no one complained?” He continues, “Imagine no complaints at all – none about you, your family, job, colleagues, friends, politics, news, war, economy, global warming, Obama, Republicans, Democrats, weather, bad service, game invitations on Facebook, no smoking laws, smokers, late people, arrogant people, health issues, etc.” Really just no complaints about anything at all.

He explains that he chose Aug. 12 as the day for the “No Complaints Day Challenge” because it’s his mother’s birthday – and he would like to do this in memory of her. He then invites persons to play the “Challenge” by clicking on “Join” and then reading on. He encourages participants to “Share” the idea on Facebook as well.

Kirin has devised rules and even offers helpful hints for the “Challenge.” First, there is no complaining about anything allowed from 12 a.m. August 12 through 12 a.m. August 13. It is suggested that if a person has a personal or business breakdown during the 24-hour period, just skip the complaining part of the episode for the day. If bad service is experienced at a restaurant or another business, let it go. If it’s still bothering you on Aug. 13, deal with it then if you must.

Kirin advises that if a person who’s playing the game hears another person complain, just listen – and then perhaps suggest the challenge to the complainer. As sort of a disclaimer to those who fail and make a complaint, don’t think of it as a failure – just start over again. The “Challenge,” after all, shouldn’t cause a player stress. Kirin says that a player should be light about it. He has even suggested a hashtag for participants to use on social media: #NoComplaints #NCDC

Here’s the link to the Facebook page for “No Complaints Day Challenge.” There is also a web pay devoted to the event: The web site suggests that there are some 3,000 people participating already. If you’re not reading about this in time to start the day, join in at any time of day. Remember, there are no losers – and no complaints - just as long as you try not to complain for the day. Take the challenge! It couldn't hurt.