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No comeback for Garth Brooks after all

Garth Brooks forced to break promise to fans
Garth Brooks forced to break promise to fans
Photo by Rick Diamond

Garth Brooks has canceled the hopes of 400,000 concert ticket holders who had hoped to see his comeback shows in Ireland in July. A dispute with the residents in the area around the venue had been dragging on for quite some time and in the end, could not be resolved.

GAC reported on Wednesday that Garth Brooks decided to cancel all five of his scheduled shows when he found out he wouldn’t be allowed to perform more than three. The country legend didn’t want to be in the position of having to choose which concert-goers to disappoint.

Garth Brooks had planned to play at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland as part of a promise he made 17 years ago. According to a USA Today report in January, Garth Brooks had played to two sold-out crowds in Croke Park back in 1997. At that time Croke Park was still under construction but Garth Brooks vowed to come back when it was complete and fill the seats.

While Garth Brooks may have been well on his way to filling the venue as promised, he won’t get the chance now. His comeback has been thwarted by the Croke Park Residents Association, a group of residents who are adamant that they want only three concerts total per year the venue because of the disruption it causes to their lives.

The neighbors claim that the high traffic volume and noise from the concerts cause problems for them for weeks surrounding these big events. Since Garth Brooks’ five shows would definitely bring a huge turnout and require a lot of planning and organizing, the residents did have a point. The Dublin City Council sided with the Croke Park Residents Association and refused to grant Garth Brooks a license for more than three nights.

Fans who have awaited his comeback for nearly two decades will surely be disappointed and Garth Brooks himself is sure to be upset that he can’t fulfill a promise he made so long ago. While some may think he’s being stubborn in not giving at least some of the fans a great comeback concert experience, it’s understandable that he wouldn’t want some fans to feel jilted while others got to enjoy the shows. He’s undoubtedly been left in a difficult position. Hopefully, the fans and residents in Ireland will come to a better agreement in the future and not end up in a brawl over this fiasco.

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