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No college degree, no problem. Make a profitable living with these career option

No college degree, no problem. Make a profitable living with these career options

To get a good job you these days you just have to have some 4-year college degree. That’s what most people believe and with more people and fewer jobs, that is what is true…for most people. There are some careers though that college can’t train you for. A college degree might not be the best use of your precious money and time if you want to get into the following careers: Web-development: You might not need a college degree to earn $62,500 a year but you do need to love web-development.

It involves long hours of studying how to code and practicing for hours and being very patient and precise in your work. Sure it pays well but you can’t do this job without a serious fascination with math and the internet. Some people take formal web development courses while others teach themselves enough to get hired and then learn on the job.

Your prospective employers will are more likely to ask you what you can do rather than where you went to school.

Paralegal: Paralegals work alongside lawyers by helping them with the paperwork and research. They earn an average of $46,680 a year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). They are often trained on the job and sometimes receive training through an Associate’s degree or paralegal certification. Show yourself to be a responsible, technologically savvy person and apply for a few paralegal posts and you could be starting a whole new life.

Electricians: Electricians make a decent average of $48,250 every year. How in the world do you become an electrician? Find someone to apprentice under. They’ll teach you all you need to know and that’ll be better than any college could teach. Electricians are another great career option that doesn’t require college graduation.

Commercial Pilots: Commercial pilots require a commercial pilot’s license and some flight experience. So step 1, learn to fly then you get a certificate and gain some flight experience and you too can earn $67,500 a year without any college degree.

Electronic Health Record Specialist: With more and more hospitals switching to electronic systems to keep patient records, the need for an electronic Health Record specialist is born. It’s a fairly new career but the skills required for it are not new.

You as an Electronic Health Record Specialist can supply this new need and earn well too. Insurance Sales Agents: It might seem unlikely that Insurance Sales Agents don’t need a college degree but it’s true. What’s more exciting is the kind of money they make with just a high school diploma. It’s a stable job because people will always need insurance.

Read more about them on the BLS website and find out how you can join the business. You can learn any of these skills and start a promising career without dishing out thousands in tuition fees for a 4 year degree. So while everybody is telling you to get a college degree, I hope I’ve given you enough reason to think outside the box and save yourself a lot of trouble.

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Mark Montoya has been working in personal branding for more than a decade for hundreds of online and offline companies, small businesses and individual service professionals. His focus has been toward improving the way jobseekers find employment on the Internet. He has synthesized his expertise by helping job seekers obtain their ideal choice of employment over the Internet on his sites and, and through his books 101 Tips Every Job Seeker Should Know and The Ultimate Online Job Search eBook.

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"It is the responsibility of the individual to reject the prospect of mediocrity and to strive for the betterment of society as a whole" ~ Mark Montoya

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