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'No Clue' DVD Review

No Clue

Your brother comes up missing. You are worried and you think the best thing to do is to go hire a private detective. Kyra (Amy Smart) locates a detective and tells him all about her brother and how he is involved in computer programming and she feels something is very wrong. Leo (Brent Butt) listens to her story and decides to take the case.

Okay, this is all well and good except Leo is not a detective but a salesmen from across the hall. He just happened to be in the detective's office when Kyra showed up. Leo figures it could be good for some laughs and it might spice up a rather boring life. They don't waste any time and they try to find out what Kyra's brother was working on. They go up against large corporations and scheming individuals who are simply interested in money.

Leo could have just told Kyra who he really is but as a salesman for a novelty company and the fact that he can't stop thinking of Kyra , yes he is infatuated with her. The laughs come easily as you would expect.

Eone brings us this little film of comedy and crime in one quality DVD. You can find it hitting the streets on June 17, 2014 for your home enjoyment. So take the time to laugh and laugh some more. This is a must for your personal library.

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