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No Civility for Saboteur Obama!

Defend America
Defend America

The saboteur Barrack Obama will try to do as much damage as possible to America and its founding principles from now until January 20, 2017. Congress needs to file articles of impeachment against him now, and we need to attack his policies every minute from now until then. And we should not be nicey-nice about it.

For God's sake, he is destroying our liberty, and everything that every soldier from 1776 through today has sacrificed to establish, preserve and protect. He does not deserve our civility, and I do not want to openly express what I think he really deserves, but some think that it would be akin to the same treatment that General Washington's soldiers gave the British during the Revolutionary War. BTW, have you heard that his FCC wants to regulate newspapers and place monitors in news rooms? Isnt that just too sweet?

Obama's attacks on America include:

-NSA spying on Americans.

-IRS thuggery against patriot groups.

-Attempting to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.

-The knowing refusal to protect our diplomats, and the lies and death of a U.S. Ambassador and three others at Benghazzi.

-The intentional sabotage of U.S. foreign policy in the mid East, which has destabilized Egypt, Libya, Syria and other countries and armed and supplied our Islamist enemies and placed israel in danger.

-Allowed Afghanistan's Karzai to thumb his nose at us and release islamist terrorist prisoners that American soldiers died to capture.

-Gun smuggling to Mexican gangsters, for purely political anti-gun reasons, resulting in the deaths of one American Border Patrol agent and dozens of Mexican civilians.

-The coercive and dishonest passage of the horrible Obamacare law, placing the federal government into the management of the personal lives of all Americans, and against the wishes of most.

-Currently attempting to expand the power of the FCC, to put federal electronic monitors into newsrooms, and to regulate newspapers, in direct contravention to the U.S. Constitution.

-Repeatedly using unconstitutional authority to violate and ignore federal law through the implementation of executive orders.

-Continuously attempting to destroy the 2nd Amendment right of American citizens to keep and bear arms.

-Attempting to force the destruction of the American family through the endorsement of faux gay marriage, and the refusal to defend the federal Defense of marriage Act. He has now unilaterally imposed a change in the law, requiring that "same sex partners" of federal employees also get federal benefits, forcing all taxpayers to support the gay lifestyle.

-Causing the over-spending of the federal government, jeopardizing the future independence of our country by obligating it to foreigners and sending it on the path of financial destruction.

-Promoting the killing of babies by expanding support for abortion.

-Imposition of federal control of local education through the big-brother "Common Core" program, dumbing down American educatin and brainwashing our youth.

-The destruction of religious freedom and the promotion of the progressive "The new God is your government" ideology.

-Using the federal EPA and other federal agencies to destroy the coal industry and other fossil fuel industries, making the breath that you exhale a "greenhouse gas", shutting down mines and stopping the keystone pipeline.

These are just a few examples of the Obama attacks on America, which is fully supported by his Democratic Party accomplices, and which has not been opposed to any real degree by the Republican elite.

The ONLY way to stop this is 100% support of the Tea party organizations, on the state, local and national levels, and to hell with the Republicans who are going along with Obama's tyranny.

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