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No Church in the Wild performed using ASL

When the common man has access to "professional" video and audio equipment and software, everyone can grab a camera and shoot a viral. Too often, especially with hip hop, we come across pseudo professionals with subpar talent trying to be the hood's Tarantino.

You have to check this out!

Enter Mark Nakhla, and his friends, Greg Faxon and Sam Choi. These 3 capture The Throne's ominous track, No Church in the Wild using American Sign Language (ASL) combined with lyrical hand motions and dance.

Huffington Post highlighted the three friends today. I'm thinking it's only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on.

In short; these guys are dope and capture the essence of the track with their creative use of ASL and simple, yet provocative film style. The production was filmed and edited by Adam Keller and Noah Korman.

Comments on their YouTube page from members of the ASL community are varied. Some hate it; some love it. Sounds like hip hop to me. I would love to share this with members of the Gallaudet University community in Washington, DC for their feedback. #Idea

Check out the video to No Church in the Wild performed by Mark, Greg, and Sam.

Check out their other work on their YouTube page.


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