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No charges for armed worshiper


  • GregB 5 years ago

    I wonder how forgiving they would be if I forgot to unload my gun when I travel from my home in Minn. to go shopping accross the river into Wisc. I think that I'll keep unloading.

  • Paladin 5 years ago

    I would not support nor attend any "church" or other organization for that matter, that would infringe upon ANY of my fundamental human rights "endowed" upon me by my "creator". NO more tithes either.

  • 5thofNov 5 years ago

    There are only a couple of reasons to have a gun at a CHURCH!!

    1. You are carrying to protect yourself.
    2. You are carrying to protect others.
    3. You are going to practice with your militia arms, after service.
    4. Its Sunday.
    5. Its any other day of the week.
    6. Because it’s good to p.i.s.s. off liberals.
    7. You fear the lord and follow his commandments.
    8. You got a new piece and want to show it off to the Congregation.
    9. it’s your right, bestowed by GOD, and its ok to carry in HIS house.

    Now, if you’re not doing one of’re just a gun nut, looking to cause I get an A-MEN and pass the ammo!!!

    P.S. Don't for get to bring your rifle boys!!!

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