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No cell phone calls/emails before Maylasian airline disappearance

Why no passenger cell phone calls?
Why no passenger cell phone calls?
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There is one aspect of the Malaysia airline mystery that hasn’t been beaten to death by the conspiracy-crazed media: Why didn’t any of the passengers or flight attendants attempt to call loved ones on the ground with their cell phones?

It was reported Monday by The New York Times that investigators have not found any phone calls, e-mails or social media postings that originated from the missing plane.

Malaysia airlines chief executive Ahmad Jauhari Yahya told the The New York Times there is no evidence, "but anyway they are still checking and there are millions of records for them to process."

It is a huge portion of the mystery, yet little has been reported about this enigma. Why didn’t anyone try to make a call, or post a message on Twitter or China’s micro-blogging site Weibo?

Perhaps the cabin depressurized, rendering the passengers unconscious, with death close behind. Perhaps the plane was flying at too high of an altitude for cell phones to acquire a signal.

What about the 10 satellite phones that were in the airplane’s business class section? Couldn’t a passenger have used one of them?

For every question, there’s an explanation.

One theory has an unknown person disabling the in-flight entertainment system.

For every plausible explanation, there are three more questions.

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