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No candidate for Americans Elect; group claims successes

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There will be no presidential candidate under the Americans Elect banner this November. The group announced recently that "no candidate achieved the national support threshold required to enter the Americans Elect Online Convention in June." Therefore, "The primary process for the Americans Elect nomination has come to an end."

Despite being well-funded, the group failed to gain traction with many people. What must have seemed an easy hurdle for a would-be nominee--garnering 10,000 supporters on the group's website--proved to be insurmountable. Among declared candidates, former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer ended with the most supporters, but that was only 6,293.

Even Texas Cong. Ron Paul, running for the GOP nomination and only listed on the Americans Elect site as a draft candidate, was unable to reach that figure. Paul's support amounted to 9,498 supporters.

Clearly a group that can't even attract enough interest to line up enough supporters to win a congressional race does not have any chance at all in a presidential race.

Nevertheless, Americans Elect stated proudly that they had achieved its operational goals. Those goals were listed as:

  • Creating a pathway for nationwide ballot access for a balanced presidential ticket unaffiliated with the nominating process of either major party to compete in the 2012 race;
  • Building the technological platform for the first nonpartisan secure national online primary at;
  • Attracting a significant base of more than 4 million supporters, including Delegates, petition signers and volunteers;
  • Educating the national and local media on the Americans Elect mission; and
  • Finishing an extensive candidate briefing program involving more than 100 potential candidates.

In conclusion, in true baseball wait-till-next-year fashion, the announcement concludes saying, "We are continuing the Americans Elect mission of creating more choice in our political system, giving candidates unaffiliated with the nominating process of either major party an authentic way to run for office and giving the American people a greater voice in our political process."

Unaffiliated voters across the country can only hope that Americans Elect, or some kindred group, finally does figure out how to pull that off.