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No broadband Internet, just your phone


Can you imagine doing without a broadband connection in your home? With the use of a new technology called pCell this may become a reality very soon making your Internet connection 1,000x faster than 4G from your cell carrier!

A group of engineers at Artemis Research in Palo Alto, Calif., have created this technology that leapfrogs 4G wireless as we know it and creates a “mobile fiber.”

pCell is based on DIDO (Distributed-Input-Distributed-Output) technology. The access points are the size of a Wi-Fi router and can be placed almost anywhere. The access points reduce the costs of transmitting the data and increases the capacity limited currently by cell phones.

Right now the technology exists only in tests. Right now the engineers from Artemis are showing it to the public and meeting with cell carriers, Internet service providers and platform providers (e.g., Apple, Google) in order to work with instead of against what is already out there for consumer use. They expect commercial deployment by the end of the year and global deployments in 2015.