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No break through results in OKC Mayoral debate, KFOUR births political baby?

KFOUR births interviews with top OKC Mayoral Elections candidates
KFOUR births interviews with top OKC Mayoral Elections candidates

Still an item in strange world news, Oklahoma City's Mayoral Election 2014 will take place on March 4th, this Tuesday. Sans a formal political debate, the Oklahoma City television station, KFOUR hosted both candidates Dr. Ed Shadid and Mayor Mick Cornett in separate frames for parallel, not intersecting interviews on Flash Point, under Kevin Ogle.

Present at KFOUR for this Flash Point taping were: @kfor were staffer/host Kevin Ogle, @kforkevinogle and a former Mayor KIrk Humphreys, @KirkHumphreys, and @MikeCTurpen, Mike Turpen,

Dr. Ed Shadid posted the link today for the OKC public to see this 4 part television event, potentially birthing this political baby to many who have not had exposure to Dr. Shadid prior to now. It is to air on KFOUR Channel 4 and also on FOX 43.

Sitting OKC Mayor, Mick Cornett has refused to professionally debate Dr. Ed Shadid, his primary challenger, for the 200 or so days this process has been on. There has been no scheduled debate by the League of Women Voters. Refusal to debate as American candidate running in an election....debate is ....odd. Failure to schedule by @LWVOK is too.

Now on to the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon this writer is known for. It is something of a summary of potential aspects of Oklahoma City life that may not be obvious to area residents and may not be obvious to this writer's world and national readership. This writer is a social worker by trade, and is not a professional analyst or formally trained journalist/reporter. It is perhaps helpful for the reading public to have some additional information about how it is here, so here is some structural background.

In Oklahoma City, there is a family by the name of Ogle who works for the local broadcast system, for years. As above, Kevin Ogle. Beginning with Jack Ogle, , This progressed to many other Ogle family members being in the newsland spotlight. So there are sons and 1 grand in "the biz".

(Please don't confuse this with The Lost Ogle, @TheLostOgle which is a news outlet of sorts, and don't miss the pun of the Ogle news, or cutting to core issues of interest to a public that may not be represented in Oklahoma, as here is a Red State ( Republican) Also, @RedDirtReport, and The City Sentinel is a bit more formal join to provide alternative news perspectives.

Most of the Ogle affiliations are with the Gaylord Family whose historic patriarchal head is E.K. Gaylord, Under Mr.E.K. Gaylord hatched :

The Daily Oklahoman Newspaper;

WKY Radio 28th oldest radio station in the United States.

WKY-KTVY Channel 4 television. see end listing, notable former

That is a lot of Wikipedia listings.

The most famous FCC ( Federal Communications Commission) monopoly challenge was in 1975 This identified that one entity cannot own and operate more than one broadcast outlet ( radio, tv, newspaper) in an area. This was actually preceded by another similar action many years before. ( The reference to Lifesavers Candy is remarkable here). Following these trajectories perhaps continues to place how some things got here.

Gaylord family, now nationwide has much influence. Please note E.K. Gaylord and E.L.( Edward) Gaylord are two different men. "During the management by Edward Gaylord, the newspaper was been regularly accused of having right wing bias in both its news coverage and particularly on its editorial pages. The January/February 1999 issue of the Columbia Journalism Review contained an article, titled "The Worst Newspaper in America," which made a case for that designation." is a line from this Wikipedia entry.

There are no listed OKC Mayors with the direct name of Gaylord. Here is a fun link that explains who the prior OKC Mayors have been, and how they were selected. as well as potential alternatives offered in lieu of a debate.

Ok. Some things the reader maybe missed prior : Dr. Ed Shadid has a FB page and no Wikipedia. #AnthonyShadid is Dr. Shadid's cousin and is deceased and some of Anthony's page looks wonky. People somehow confuse them. Dr. Ed Shadid is a licensed practicing orthopedic surgeon, specializing in backs. Dr. Ed Shadid went to school in Chicago for a Bachelors in Political Science, and then on to OU for Medical School. That is The University of Oklahoma. OU Sooners. Same school.

Mick Cornett has a FB page and a Wikipedia. Mick Cornett is a trained journalist who went to school at the University of Oklahoma and then to work as a sports journalist and newscaster for KFOUR. KFOUR history shows him as a noteable employee. Wikipedia reference 5 is interesting. And the Journalism school is now known as

The Daily Oklahoman Newspaper has had an odd role in this Oklahoma City Mayoral Campaign 2014 and prior with both Dr. Ed Shadid and Mick Cornett. with Zeke Campfield, and some would say with Steve Lackmeyer There may be other The Daily Oklahoman staffers, but these are the primary mentions.

The Daily Oklahoman pursued the sealed records divorce records of Dr. Ed Shadid through a process to the Oklahoma Supreme Court. The OSCN notation was that Oklahoma County's Judge Lisa Hammond had acted unconstitutionally in sealing the records, and she then decided that because Dr Ed Shadid was running for Mayor, that the records should be unsealed. Judge Lisa Hammond has had some other interesting use of her role in Oklahoma County Courts.

Remarkable, perhaps that Mayor Mick Cornett's divorce records were under a sealed order from Judge Lisa Hammond. The OSCN suggestion that Hammond was out the rule of law of the State of Oklahoma Constitution when she made these decisions was noted in the return of the action to Judge Lisa Hammond's court. It has not come down as an order from anyone that one cannot do that and be a Judge, and and has not resulted in any new Oklahoma Legislature rules or actions by the Oklahoma Bar Association, or her boss,

@RedDirtReport has asked for those divorce records from Mick Cornett, who has refused. Noone has come forward to begin a process to get them, which takes a licensed professional ( lawyer or team of lawyers), document filings, months to get a court date and many dollars to follow it perhaps through to an advanced court process. It has been publicly noted also, that Mick Cornett's former wife can be arrested and jailed if she speaks to the issue of their divorce?

Dr. Ed Shadid has made reference to the question of influences and undercurrents in Oklahoma City, which may be driven by corporate holding. This is about 26 minutes and also has the transcription of the talk, which allows the viewer to translate easily.

Is Oklahoma government controlled by oligarchy, plutocracy and aristocracy? are running questions for the public here.

There is also a video shown that night of his personal history in Oklahoma City and connections to various parts of the city and state, citing family members, including one Grandmother and a host of others who had a quite relatable adventure over her lifetime, which influenced him greatly. That link is not listed here.

1.) So. Mick Cornett and Dr. Ed Shadid both went to the University of Oklahoma.

2.) Mick Cornett and Dr. Ed Shadid both have been elected officials on the Oklahoma City Council.

3.) Mick Cornett and Dr. Ed Shadid both had Judge Lisa Hammond.

4.) Mick Cornett and Dr. Ed Shadid both have 3 kids.

So that is 4 things they have in common, si?

5.) Dr Ed Shadid is a multi-generational Oklahoma descendant and was born in OKC. Mick Cornett is "from" OKC.

Weather today in Oklahoma City has been icy for almost 24 hours. Here is the Tuesday OKC Mayoral Election 2014 voting day weather forecast for the interested.

The Shadid Rally link notes under 31% of eligible voters turned out for the prior OKC Mayoral Election. Many of the venues do not have covered waiting areas if lines become long. WEATHER in Oklahoma City is projected to be tolerable, voters are encouraged to head out early, and dress in layers to match the projected weather.

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