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No Boyz Allowed League: The Lady Ballerz vs. The Hello Girlz

The Lady Ballerz vs The Hello Girlz
The Lady Ballerz vs The Hello Girlz
Reggie Malz

The No Boyz Allowed League started their yearly season on August 6, 2014. This is an 8 week league that features high school teams from NJ and Staten Island and one AAU basketball team.

No Boyz Allowed Basketball League
Reggie Malz

The first day of the league included very close games between all opponents, with the last game ending in a nail biter. The games played were between:

  • The Ladyz of Dre' (Piscataway) vs. Chasing The Chip (Weequahic)
  • The KJ Kidz (Newark Tech) vs. Capital City (Trenton Catholic)
  • Talia's Crew (Curtis) vs. The Ladyz of Dre' (Piscataway)
  • Capital City (Trenton Catholic) vs. The Hello Girlz (The Patrick School)

The second day of the league included a game between The KJ Kidz (Newark Tech) vs. NJ Flow (University High School), The Hello Girlz (The Patrick School) vs. The Lady Ballerz (Wagner High School), Locked and Lodied (Immaculate Conception High School) vs. The Cotton Club (Arts High School), and The Lady Tigerz (Staten Island Academy) vs. The NJ Titans (AAU program out of Teaneck, NJ that featured players from Teaneck, Englewood, and Ridgefield Park).

The Patrick School, known as The Hello Girlz, are seen in the pictures wearing Conrad McRae uniforms. The Conrad McRae youth basketball league runs in New York City. They started the game very strong against Wagner High School, which is known as The Lady Ballerz. In the first minute of the game, The Lady Ballerz took the first few shots of the game and controlled the boards. Their shots were not falling and The Hello Girlz soon took advantage of this. They aggressively worked for the rebounds and pushed the ball up court. They were great at fast breaking. They always had 2-on-1 opportunities and passed to the open player. At the half-time they led 39-11 and ultimately won by approximately 40 points.