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No Boyz Allowed League: Lady Ghosts upset The Diamond Girlz

The Diamond Girlz vs Lady Ghosts at the No Boyz Allowed League
The Diamond Girlz vs Lady Ghosts at the No Boyz Allowed League
Reggie Malz

The Lady Ghosts (Eastside High School) handed The Diamond Girlz (a variety of the top players from various high schools) their first loss in the No Boyz Allowed League. The final score was 53-50. The Diamond Girlz are the defending champions from last year.

The Diamond Girlz Kyiarah English attacks the basket
Reggie Malz

The Lady Ghosts, led by Taylor Brown and Kayla Diaz, started the game with a 10-1 run. The Lady Ghosts play very well together. They find each other easily with sharp, quick passes. They know when to attack and when to look for outside shots. They compliment each others' strengths and weaknesses.

At the 12:38 mark the score was 12-6. The Diamond Girlz answered by playing stronger defense, secured rebounds, and pushed the ball down the court. The Diamond Girlz Kyiarah English is a great on the ball defender. She has quick hands, earns steals, and can creatively attack the basket. At 11:29 The Diamond Girlz only trailed by one, 12-11. By 10:39 they had earned the lead, 14-12. Acestra Robinson can use multiple head fakes and the spin move to create space and score.

The Lady Ghosts were not willing to quit. They took the lead back at 6:35, 19-18. From there they surged on:

  • 4:25 21-18
  • 4:07 24-18
  • 2:28 26-18

The Lady Ghosts only allowed The Diamond Girlz one more point in the first half. The half-time score was 30-19.

At the start of the second half The Diamond Girlz scored quickly, but the Lady Ghosts added eight more points of their own. By 18:01 the score was 38-21. The Diamond Girlz Theresa Ekhelar blocked shots inside. She got the rebound and made strong outlet passes to teammates for fast breaks, changing the Lady Ghosts lead, 38-27.

With 5:08 remaining, The Lady Ghosts lead 51-37. The Diamond Girlz were not willing to quit just yet. They worked to pressure the ball while the Lady Ghosts tried to burn time on the court. They earned steals and led fast breaks. By 2:09 the score was 51-42. At 1:17 it was 51-45. With :08 remaining the score was 51-47. By fouling to stop the clock, The Lady Ghosts bought themselves more time, but sent the Diamond Girlz to the foul line. They made their foul shots. The final score was 53-50.

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