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No Boyz Allowed League Day 2

Locked and Lodied vs. The Cotton Club and NJ Titans vs. The Lady Tigerz
Locked and Lodied vs. The Cotton Club and NJ Titans vs. The Lady Tigerz
Reggie Malz

The No Boyz Allowed League started their third annual season on August 6, 2014.

The Lady Tigerz
Reggie Malz

The second day of games included a game between The KJ Kidz and NJ Flow, which had an exciting second half. There was also a game between The Lady Ballerz and The Hello Girlz.

The third and fourth games of the evening took place between:

  • Locked and Lodied (Immaculate Conception High School) and The Cotton Club (Arts High School)
  • The Lady Tigerz (Staten Island Academy) and The NJ Titans (A girls' AAU basketball program out of Teaneck, NJ. They feature players from a number of different towns from North Jersey)

Locked and Lodied brought a plethora of pure talent. Their combination of veteran juniors and seniors with rising freshmen and sophomores were an even mix. They hit consistently from the outside. They were able to sub their whole team in and out of the game consistently and maintain the lead and momentum. At the half time they led vs. The Cotton Club, 25-7. Many of The Cotton Club guards have a quick first step. They can push the ball past most wing defenders. The final score was 42-15.

The NJ Titans led by Sabrina DeFreese (Dwight Morrow High School in Englewood, NJ) started the game off strong. They led at the half-time 14-7. In the second half, The Lady Tigerz applied ball pressure and looked to attack the basket and draw fouls. They took the lead within the first four minutes of the second half. The NJ Titans battled back to maintain he lead. With 1:49 remaining, The Lady Tigerz hit a big shot to take the lead back, 28-26. With less than 30 seconds left, DeFreese tied up the game for the NJ Titans, 28-28. The Lady Tigerz sealed the deal with another shot at the end. The Lady Tigerz won 30-29.