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No bail for Brooklyn woman accused of murder

It was a crime that recently shocked Long Islanders, when the dismembered body parts of a young mother were found in several towns across two counties.

A few weeks later, a woman from Brooklyn was charged with the murder. The accused was apparently the dead woman's landlord, and they were previously argued about rent, which is believed to be a motive for the crime. The victim in this case had been missing since earlier in the month. The accused faces a possible life sentence if convicted, and was denied bail.

Last month, local media picked up on several horrifying finds in towns in both Nassau and Suffolk County. One find, on a Hemspstead, New York lawn was a garbage bag with a severed human head on the inside. Another chilling discovery was more severed human remains, in the Suffolk County town of Bay Shore, located 25 miles away from Hempstead.

The body parts were later discovered to be connected, eventually leading to their identification and the arrest of the woman's landlord. The remains located in Bay Shore were missing arms and the head. The victim had been missing since early July.

The crime captured attention, due to its extremely disturbing nature, and has continued to draw attention due to the fact that a woman was arrested in connection with the crime. While women are certainly capable of such a crime, it is still shocking when a woman is arrested, and accused of a crime so brutal.

However, despite the sensational nature of the crime, it is important to still remember who the victim in this case was: a young mother of four, who had only recently moved to the United States, in hopes of having a better life. Regardless of the case's outcome, a young life was lost and must be mourned.

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