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No arms, no legs, no worries: a video lesson

Nick Vujicic is an unusual guy. He was born without limbs. The amazing thing about Nick is that he's not discouraged. In fact, he's on a mission to encourage others to never give up and to finish well in life. As I watched his video below, I was excited to see someone with such amazing obstacles in life moving forward and content with the way life is now. Many of us are unhappy. We wish things were different and our kids are often the same way. Pre-teens often complain. They don't like their looks, their situations, or their status in life. Gratefulness seems to be a myth, but when your child sees Nick, perhaps all that will change. Perhaps seeing someone who is grateful in such circumstances will cause your child to stop and think of their blessings. I know it made me thank God for my health and the health of my children. Enjoy this video and if you are touched by it, please share it with others.